Some Play Store Tips/Tricks Every Android Users Need To Know


    Google Play Store is one of the main reason that people choose Android devices. There are number of great apps, widgets and games you’ll found in play store, along with it there are plenty of tips and tricks that you might no know. 

    To get the most out of play store we have gathered some play store tips and tricks to help you manage your apps easily. Check out below:

    1. Use Password To Restrict Purchases On Google Play

    Google Play has provided some authentication option for purchases which well prevent you from accidental purchases. So, how to turn on or off authentication for your device:

    • Open the Google Play app.
    • Tap on the menu icon> settings
    • Scroll down and tap on the Require authentication for purchases
    • Select “For all purchases through Google Play on this device”
    • Tap on password
    • Enter your password and tap OK

    2. Get  A Parental Controls On Google Play

    With the help of parental control you can restrict the content you can download or purchase from Google Play on your device. 

    • Open the play store app
    • On left corner of the screen you’ll see a Menu icon tap on it
    • Now tap on settings> Parental controls and tap the slider to turn it ‘ON’
    • Create a parental lock PIN code (In case you forgot the pin, you can remove the parental lock by clearing the Plat Store app’s data)
    • Choose filters, the things you can download on the Play Store and tap on the ones you wan to set restrictions for
    • Now every time you try to download the restricted apps you need to enter your PIN

    3. Using Content Filtering In Play Store

    You can filter the apps content in play store in terms of maturity. Follow the below steps to filter:               
    • Go to Play Store app > Settings.
    • Tap on Content Filtering.
    • Check or Uncheck the maturity level according to your choice. 
    • Then tap OK.

    4. Redeem Google Play Gift Cards And Promotion Cards

    This is for those people who don’t want to link their credit cards to their Google accounts, instead of that they can buy a Google gift card and redeem it as Play Store credit. Here’s how to do it :
    • Open the Play Store app
    • Swipe to right at the left side of the screen
    • Now tap on Redeem
    • A pop up box will open, here enter your code and tap on REDEEM

    5. Add App To Your Wishlist

    By adding an app to your wishlisht will help you to keep track of the apps that you might want to buy one day.

    Here’s how you can create your own wishlist:
    • Open the Play Store app
    • Find the app that you’re interested in getting
    • On the top bar you’ll see a +banner, tap on it to include the app into your wishlist
    Simple Enough!

    6. Display Your Wishlist

    Now as you’ve learned how to add an app to your wishlist, now follow the below steps to display your wishlist:

    • Swipe to right at the left side of your Android device
    • Tap on My Wishlist

    7. Manage your Devices In The Play Store

    Google Plat Store keeps record of every single device that you’ve logged into your account from, and doesn’t forget them easily either. You can manage your Play Store devices by following these steps:
    • Open Google Play app
    • Go to Google Play Setting, a list of all the devices that you’ve logged in from your account will appear
    • Here you can change the nickname of your device and can change their visibility (whether to show the device in menu or not), by tapping the ‘Edit’ link

    8. Disable Update Notifications

    By default Google Play will automatically update all your apps, if the latest version of the app is available. If you have disable this feature, but still getting the update notification, here’s how you can disable that annoying notification. 

    • Open Play Store app> settings
    • Untick Notifications

    9. Request For A Refund

    If you just bought an app and you don’t like it, you can get your cash back in a 15-minute window. But if you have surpassed the 15-minutes, then you need to make request for a refund. Here’s how to do it:
    • Open the Play Store app
    • Click on the gear icon> My Orders
    • Locate the app that you wan to refund, click on the favicon than choose report a problem.
    • Choose I’d like to request a refund from the drop-down and describe your reason
    • And then click on submit button

    10. Install An App Not Available In Your Country

    If there’s an app that you’re keen to get but it’s not available in your country. Here’s how you can get that app:

    • Firstly you need to install a VPN app which will mask your IP address and will give you a remote IP address in a country of your choice. Some famous VPN apps : Hideninja, Shellfire or Tunnelbear VPN
    • Now select the country where that app is available, get the VPN app running, now open the Play Store app. It will take you to the Play Store homepage of the country you selected
    Got some tips to add in this list. Feel free to tell us via comments below.


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