Some Must Have Smart Gadgets To Boost Your Productivity

Every day some smart gadgets coming out, recently more and more technologically advanced innovations are taking shape in mobile gadgets. Smartphone aren't the only gadgets we use these days, we've smart TV, smart cars, smartwatches and many more things. The label 'smart' isn't the benchmark for smart gadgets, it simply means they are connected to smartphone via Bluetooth or an app.

There are lot of items that can help you to keep track of your things, a pen can change the way you work online, a mobile printer that goes where you go, a smart lock can help save your life and lot more such things. Let's take a look:

Equil Smartpen 2

Equil Smartpen 2, a high tech pen which captures everything you write or draw and turn that into a digital file. You can use whatever kind of paper you have, but before writing you just need to place a special receiver (built-in memory) which comes with it at the top of the paper you are using. You can easily connect your android, iOS and windows devices with smartpen via Bluetooth. It also allows you to share layered PSD file.

Equil Smartpen works with different languages including traditional Chinese, Japanese, Koren and more. The pen is good for use for 8 hours between charging. Moreover it also allows you to share your writings to social networks, allows you to sync your file with Evernote or dropbox.

Get it: $169.95


Arlo is the wireless, waterproof HD security camera. It's easy to install and the best part is you can put it anywhere you want connecting it to your WiFi. All the monitoring is done from your mobile phone with the app.

Aro is equipped with a 120 degree lens, infrared night vision and is capable of recording 720p video. Once the camera starts recording, and you will get alert if there's any movement. 
Get it: $199.99


Bolt launched earlier this year at CES, and it was one of the hottest product. Its a color changing wireless  LED bulb by Misfit.

Get it: $49.99

Keen Home

A vent that will help you to balance and uniform the temperature of your room . Keen Home will open and close to adjust the hot and cold temperatures into a comfortable range, allowing you to save energy. You can also do this manually, via the app on your mobile phone. 
 The different vent designs are available: Herringbone, Arbor and Wave (coming soon). And when we talk about its battery life, it can run for years on just AA batteries.

Get it: $80 (pre-order)

Pocket Printer

Finally a printer is here that goes where you go and prints from your phone on any size of paper. For pocket printer to work, you need a working connection of WiFi that can print document you send to it from your smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop, no matter where you are.

Get it: $199 (pre-order)


Skylock, a Bluetooth-enabled lock that can be lock or unlock using the skylock smartphone app. As its connected to your phone you don't have to worry about loosing your key, it's a keyless gadget. Apart from that, Skylock app can notify anyone in your trusted network in case its built-in-accelerometer detects any type serious crash. Skylock uses its accelerometer to notify you that your bike is being tampered with

The thing which we like the most is that the fully charged battery can last upto 6 months without a recharge and it is powered by sunlight or with the micro-USB port.


To quit smoking is the hardest thing to do, because it contains Nicotine which is very addictive. But don't worry Smokio is there to help you, it's a smart vaporizer which is designed to help you quit smoking. It monitors your smoking activity  based on your nicotine levels on day-by-day  progress.

You will receive statistics on your smoking habit, as well as the app will pay you from smoking less.
Get it: €59.90

TrackR Stickers

A quarter-sized device which is design to easily locate to any misplaced item or device. In seconds you'll be able to locate your misplaced item by ringing TrackR r by using the Distance Indicator or via Crowd GPS.

If you lost an item, TrackR records its last known location on the map and when some another TrackR users comes  within a 100ft range of your lost item, you will receive a GPS update of where your item is.

Get it: $24.95

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