Samsung Reportedly Working On An 11K Screen With 2,250 PPI

Well there’s something that we really like about Samsung is the desire to do big. On this some might claim that it even has too much of it. Currently, the highest resolution display for smartphones is 2K resolution, and if the recent report are to be believed we might see some new smartphones by the end of the year with 4K resolution. 

According the latest new from the Korean media, Samsung Display is planning to develop world’s first 11K super-resolution display. Company has partnered South Korea government for this project, and the government is investing 26.5 million dollars by stages for 5 years hereafter. The prototype of the 11K screen is expected to be shown at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

The Korea IT News claims that the 11K screen will come with a 2,250 pixel-per-inch density and a resolution of 11,264 х 6,336 pixels. Its overkill, what do you think ? Along with it, company aims to implement a 3D effect on the 11K display screen. 

As per the report suggests Samsung is working with a number of other companies and government groups in South Korea. As for when it will arrive, the demo of this project is expected  to be shown at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics but no words about the availability of consumer-ready version.


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