Moto G (2015) Expected To Be Priced At $179

From past week we have been seeing a lot of leaked specs, images and alleged videos of Motorola’s new Moto G 2015. For those who don’t know July 28 is the date company has planned to make the device official. Along with Moto G, Motorola has also planned to showcase  a number of new products.

And couple of days back the device was spotted on Zauba, confirming that the phone is being tested in the country.

We’ve seen a lot of leaked pics, videos and specs but there’s one thing that hasn’t been rumored a lot is how much the device will cost.

Below is the screenshot of an inventory listing at US Cellular. And here you can see the price on which the carrier is getting ready to sell the new Moto G is $179, same as much of its predecessors. 
This price details leaked just 2 days ahead of the launch. It could all be good news, if the device launched at this rate. 



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