Moto G 2015 Alleged To Come With 2GB RAM And Moto-G-Maker Customizaion

Back in 2013, Motorola came up with a affordable handset Moto G, this device proves that an Android phone doesn’t need a deep pocket o work fluently. And then next year in 2014, company came up with the second generation which bought even more goodies to the table with an affordable or we’d say attractive price tag.

And now the time for the third generation Motorola Moto G has come and from past month the device is rumoring a lot. Number of alleged images made rounds on web indicating how the device will look in near future.

And today, the latest yet most exciting leak about the phone makes its presence, the Moto G (2015) is rumored to come in two variants: one is the traditional 1GB RAM and the other one is the 2GB RAM variant.

And the other piece of news is that the third-gen Moto G might be the one to eligible for MotoMaker customization. If you don’t know whats that- it’s basically a customization hub in which you will be able to customize your device, before ordering it from Motorola.

If MotoMaker makes it to the Moto G(2015), then it will only be available on selected stores.


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