LogDog: A Mobile Security App That Will Protect Your Most Important Accounts From Being Hacked

Did you know that according to some estimate one in four people claim to have had one of their online accounts being hacked and this is something which need to be concerned about. This is something that Israeli startup Log Dog is on a mission to help stop. The company offers a mobile app (currently for Android) that will protect all your online account, and the best part is that the app is available for free in the Google Play Store.

So how does it work? After installing the app, it will take 7 days to train itself. Once it done with it's training it will notify you from all kind of suspicious activity occurs in your G-mail, Facebook and other online accounts. With Log Dog you can take control of your account before it gets hacked. 

Now, you might be wondering how this app works- technically the way the app works is that you just have to give it permission to log in to your online accounts that you wish to monitor and from there it continually monitor those accounts and will alert you for unauthorised activity.

So, is this the only service which is assuring your account security? Well the answer is no. There are lot of other individual services that already do this, but LogDog is a lot better one as it build a more thorough profile of your usual activity since it pulls data from multiple accounts.

Don't get hacked- get a LogDog

Benny Singh
Forever Tinkering With Gadgets

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