Instagram Enhanced Desktop Experience, Brings A New Search Feature

Finally, after lots of users request Instagram enhanced its web version. To give a sense of new desktop experience Instagram adds a new search feature. This new feature will let you search hashtags, profiles and locations, it seems company is now bringing the same mobile app experience to the web.

“While is designed to be complementary to the mobile apps, it’s important to the global conversations that happen on Instagram,” an Instagram spokesperson said.

Along with this new search feature, Instagram has also created landed pages for geotags and hashtags, and when you search locations or hashtags you’ll be able to see some of the top posts. 
Back in 2010, Instagram began as a mobile photo-sharing, video sharing social networking service, it was launched as a definitive mobile-first app. The app is now available is every platform and that too for free. 
And after 2 years of its launch, they create web profiles, it was a simple version of the mobile app. And with time Instagram goes on enhancing it’s desktop experience and now with this new search feature it seem company is bringing the same mobile app experience to the web.


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