How To Fix Google Photos Automatic Photo Backup Problem

Lately at Google I/O developer conference Google launched Google Photos as a standalone application. Its a photo and video sharing and storing service which offers numerous great features and spun out from Google+. 

The Google Photo App is not only for Android Powered devices, it’s for everyone for all platforms. As its a newly released product there are some issues which need to be fixed. The problem which we are going to fix today that Google Photos is still backing up the photos even when the app has been uninstalled. 

So from where does this bug came from? Before the launch of Google Photos, users could easily backup photos by heading over to the Google Settings app. Apparently, there is nothing such settings in Google Photos app.

Here are some steps that you need to consider to fix Google Photos automatic backup problem:
Step-1: Firstly, find and open your Google Settings app.
Here’s how to find it?
Head over to your app drawer, and then navigate by swiping to right until you find what you reach your destination.
Step-2: Now tap ” Google Photo Backup”
Step-3: At the bottom of the screen, you will see ” Back Up Photos” link tap on it. This will turn off the feature if its on.

Simple Enough! If still have any problem feel free to contact us or tell us via comments below.


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