How To Efface Your Google Voice And Audio Activity?

“Google now”, developed by Google is an intelligent personal assistant available within the Google Search application for android. It’s really a useful function, as with this users can control their tablet or phone without actually having to touch them. But did you know Google keeps record of all of your voice activities? And it not only stores the search query but also stores your voice activities and you can listen to them. In this article we’ll tell you how you can access them. 

Below are some steps that you can take to view, manage and efface(delete) your Google voice and audio activity.

Step-1: Firstly log in to your Google account and then head over to the Google audio history page, and check out all of your Google Voice and Audio activity. Here you’ll be presented with a list of view containing all of your video commands.

Step-2: To listen your recorded audio files, click the play button next to a specific query. Here you will notice that Google has also recorded those commands that it did not properly identify. 

Step-3: To efface(delete) your Google Voice Search activity, click the 3-dot ‘Menu’ button located in the upper left corner of your screen and then choose “Delete Options”.

Step-4: As you click the “Delete Options”, a menu will pop up. You can delete the voice and audio activity for today, yesterday or a custom timeframe. And, to delete all of your voice activity, click on the “Advanced” radio button and then set the date to “All Time”.

Step-5: Click on the “Remove” button to delete all your voice search activity.

Now, that you’ve deleted your Google voice activity, follow these steps to pause the data-collecting procedure.

Step-6: Now head to this page, you’ll see the slider is set to blue state it means Google is collecting your voice searches. 

Step-7: To pause Google data collection, click on the slider to “Pause” Google from collecting that searches. Note that pausing data collection will not delete the files that Google previously uploaded.


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