Angry Bird 2-“The Mother Of All Sequels” Coming To App Store On July 30

Back in December 2009 Rovio released the very first Angry Birds game, launched as Rovio’s 52th title. At  that time Rovio was just another small company that developed game after game without making a mark. Angry Bird was real hit for them, by the end of 2010 over 12 million copies of game had been downloaded.

Since then number of Angry Birds has been released and almost all of them are successful. And now the time for what company is calling ” the mother of all sequels”- Angry Bird 2 has come.

Angry Bird 2 will land the app store on July 30. So, be ready!

You read right, the new game is dubbed as Angry Bird 2 and its coming at the end of this month. According to Roveo, July 30 is the day when it’s new game will hit the app stores worldwide. For now it’s confirm that it will definitely hit the Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store, no words about the other app stores.

Below is a short teaser video of the game. Have a look at it:



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