Top10 Android Games For May 2015.


Hey there folks, Welcome back to the latest edition of Monthly Android Gaming, In this column we’ll be covering the new game releases for the month of MAY. Here we have handpicked some of the top games that you can start playing right now. Let us know what you think of the list and any suggestion for next Android Gaming post in the comments section.

1.High Rise

Here’s a game for people looking for a time waster or just casual gaming. A classic Tetris inspired game, ‘High Rise’ is a casual arcade puzzle game made by Nickervision Studios. The basic task is to build the world highest high rise building, by stacking fragments of building on top of one another. The tough part, where the skill of the player comes in is that as the building grows larger, the fragments start to vary in width and size. It takes a skillful gamer to balance it all up.


2. Mortal Kombat X

A mobile Mortal Kombat game that could offer same fun aspect and breathtaking HD visuals as its console counterpart, Is that even possible, Who knew? Yes that has been made possible by the folks at WB. MKX on Android is a pretty fun experience, that allows you to destroy your foes in many different ways of kombat in a 3-on-3 team battles. The looks and feel of the touchscreen gameplay feel awesome and are well built.


3. Ice Age Avalanche

Be a part of an epic Ice Age journey along with Sid, Manny and Diego, on their quest of a long-forgotten treasure in this all new fun puzzle game in addition to the existing catalogue of Ice Age Village and Ice Age Adventures!. It is a classic swipe based match-3 type puzzle tale. Swipe in any direction to move fruit to match 3 or more of same kind, while travelling around the Ice Age World Along with the Sub-Zero Heroes.


4. Bouncy Bits

Welcome to the retro stylized world of Bouncy Bits, where you have the freedom to bounce your bits. It embrace’s a simple and fun play style that’s actually hard to truly become a master at. It will test your skill, patience and determination to open a whole new world of characters of the Bouncy World. Although the game presents a pretty challenging gameplay. But thanks to magnificent retro stylized visuals and waspy themed stages, it is able to keep the mood positive.


5. Sunburn!

Reunite your shipmates and hurtle towards the end in more than 50 distinctively designed dangerous gravity puzzles!. It provides a wonderful retro visuals in space related touchscreen tap based game. While travelling through the universe your ship is suddenly struck by a comet and destroyed. Being the captain of the ship you gather your crew and using your trusty jetpack take them to a safe place drifting from planet to planet.


6. Goat Simulator GoatZ

GoatZ is the latest official iteration of the Goat Simulator Universe, And according to the Coffee Stain Studios, it is the contender for the dumbest thing to come from them. In this game they have pitched together- GOATS AND ZOMBIES IN SAME GAME!. It retains most of the same hilarious gameplay from the 1st version, with addition of host of new ones, such as open crafting system, a funny survival mode and a whole new stock of unlockable goats.


7. Breath Of Light

Modern minimalism inspired game combined with range of meditative art styles, from Zen Gardening to Sumi-e inks. Adding to that a hypnotic soundtrack by Winterpark, makes this minimalistic puzzle game a for sure Show Stopper. High Quality Visuals, great music and Mind-Boggling puzzle’s make it a must play game.


8. Skiing Yeti Mountain

In the search of the elusive yeti, shape your way through hundred of mountains and snow filled levels in Skiing Yeti Mountain. In this Extreme Skiing Adventure weave your way through trees, while sliding over ice and jumping off cliffs in the process getting to know a cast of bizarre locals.


9. Beast Quest

Step aboard on an action-adventure of epic proportions, in a huge world. Take on hordes of dangerous enemies before indulging in huge boss battles against Giant Beasts. Explore ancient Artifacts and lost Treasures, while travelling through snowy peaks and sandy beaches.


10. Odd Bot Out

A tale of robot named Odd, Odd is not like other robots. Odd ends up in the recycling bin after failing a standardized test. In this minimal game with high-quality graphics, you are tasked to help Odd escape the robot factory using building blocks, electricity, and physics!. This game shows Indie gaming at its best, a must play game.



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