Google I/O: Project Ara Shown Working At ATAP

From the last year Google has been working on the Project Ara. Its basically an effort to create customisable hardware for smartphones where consumers can pick and choose what kind of capabilities they want and “build” their own devices with modular, replaceable components. This project has been started at the time when Motorola was acquired by the Google.

On the 2nd day of Google I/O developer conference, at the ATAP keynote Google engineer Rafa Camargo not only assembled the modules onto the phone body, he booted the phone running Android 5.0 Lollipop. While the phone was on, he then inserted the camera module, now despite a new module being added on to the assembly, the phone did not require any sort of rebooting.and then took a picture of everyone in the audience.

Camargo ended, saying that the Project Ara developers will be announced soon, where they will give more detail about Google's new modular phone. 

Benny Singh
Forever Tinkering With Gadgets

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