Some Handy YouTube Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know

Does this need any explanation? You Tube is world’s largest video-sharing web site on which users can upload, share and view videos. You can subscribe your favourite channels, sign-in to access your playlist and watch later. The best thing it is available worldwide.

We bet that you have been enjoying countless of hours in YouTube watching variety of videos including: Pranks, Interviews, Tutorials, Comedy, Live Events, Reviews and much more. 

This post intends to deliver some handy tricks which will surely gonna make YouTube more enjoyable for you. Here are some of the handy tricks, hacks and shortcuts:

Disabling Video Annotations and Interactivity 

The most powerful feature of YouTube that you may have never heard of is annotations. These are the clickable boxes that overlays on top the YouTube videos. The main motive is to improve user engagement by displaying clickable boxes, which might contain a text, notes, link to video or some extra information related to the video.

It is good for the video uploader as if used correctly will help them to grow their audience. But some time it can be quite annoying for the users. So how to disable or turn off these annotations? Well its quite simple, you can easily disable annotations to all YouTube videos via the YouTube settings. Just follow these steps:

Step-1: Click you profile picture then YouTube settings (the gear icon). 
Step-2: On left side you will see all account settings, under that click on the Playback option.
Step-3: Now uncheck the Annotations and Interactivity option.
Step-4: Click on the “Save” button.

Disabling this option will turn-off/hide all the annotations and interactive card on the video you are watching.

Control Over YouTube Buffering

When you pause a video on YouTube it will buffer only 30 seconds of the total video length. If your internet connection isn’t quite fast enough to load the video this causes lag. Now what you will do, lower down the quality of the video or do some changes in playing options. Well we got the better idea, to avoid this you can force YouTube to buffer the entire video. 

Now how it’s gonna happen? SmartVideo for YouTube is a tool which can help you with this as it provides better control over YouTube buffering, quality and playing options. For Firefox user it is available as a Firefox Add-on and as a extension for Chrome users.

After installing it open any video on YouTube and hover your mouse over the video, you will see an additional option at the bottom of the video. Click on the Global Preferences and tick the Smart Buffer box as shown in the above depicted image. 

Disable Autoplay

When we open a video on YouTube it immediately start playing which can sometimes be annoying. But now you can disable the autoplay using the YouTube Control Center. For Firefox users it is available as a Firefox Add-on and as a extension for Chrome users.
Install this YouTube Control Center and disable the annoying autoplay feature of YouTube. 

Download  A YouTube Video’s Subtitle

If you want to download a YouTube video with subtitles then KeepSubs is the easiest and best way. All you need to copy the video link and paste it in the input area and click download. The subtitle file is in SRT format so it will compatible with all popular players.
KeepSubs will download the subtitles embedded in it. Along with this KeepSubs also offers the translated subtitles using the Google Translate.


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