Mobile World Congress 2015: What To Expect?


We are just a month ahead from the biggest mobile show of the year where geeks from around the globe come and join the event. At this huge event, companies used to launch their new smartphones. The Mobile World Congress 2015 will kick off in Barcelona on March 2. 

MWC 2015

So, are you excited about the MWC 2015? We can bet that you and your geeky heart is probably jumping in anticipation of the new smartphones, next-gen wearables and tablets that the attending giant companies are to unveil during the MWC 2015 event. But what exactly are Samsung, HTC, SONY, LG and the rest expected to show off. Here’s what we expect:

From Samsung

If you remember last year on the first day of MWC 2014 event Samsung announced it’s most awaited Galaxy S5 flagship. This year we are expecting to hear about the follow-up that’s likely to be named as Samsung Galaxy S6. Moreover, all the smartphone aficionados are also hoping to hear news about the rumoured Samsung Galaxy S6 flagship. 

Along with it, Samsung is also expected to come up with its first round Smartwatch which will feature wireless charging support. This round Smartwatch is codenamed as Orbis. Other details including pricing, availability and other features of the Smartwatch are still unknown.

But it’s said that the Smartwatch will come with a crown-shaped power button and a rotating bezel ring on top.  

From HTC

Along with Samsung, HTC is also ready to unveil it’s new flagship smartphone dubbed as HTC One M9 and is expected to come at the Mobile World Congress 2015 on March 1 in Barcelona.

The handset is the successor of the marvellous HTC One M8 which was introduced last year. As per the rumours suggests the M9 will pack a Snapdragon 810 CPU, an UltraPixel sensor at the front, full-HD screen, boom sound speakers on the front, a 20.7 MP camera at the back, 3GB of RAM along with the Sense 7 user interface.

The thing which got our attention is that the Taiwanese vendor is alleged to come with its first wearable device.

From Sony

Sony used to announce its new flagship every 6 months. As the Xperia Z3 launched at Consumer Electronics show IFA we reckon that Sony will come with the all new Xperia Z4 at MWC. 

This rumoured handset is the successor of the Sony Xperia Z3 which introduced lately. As per the leaks suggests the Xperia Z4 will come up with an a similar Omnibalance design and IP68 waterproofing. But there will be a Qi wireless charging support, bigger display screen and an upgraded camera. The device will pack a 2.8GHz octa-core CPU, 4GB of RAM, and a battery capacity of 3420mAh

There might be two versions of the device as both 5.5-inch and 5.4-inch display have been rumoured along with the full HD and QHD resolutions. Along with it, there’s also been talk the new Xperia Ultra and Xperia Compact.

From Huawei

We don’t know what Huawei had in his bag, but we does know that Huawei has scheduled a press conference for March 1, so it’s likely that we see a new smartphone. 

From LG 

Last year in May LG announced the G3 at London, so there’s no chance that we will see G4 at MWC in March but we might see at least a hint.  

According to  Thechosun, an LG executive said: “We rolled out the G3 in May last year so we do not plan to unveil the G4 at this year’s Mobile World Congress and spend more time perfecting the new phone.”

Despite this quote, we still expect that the LG will come up with some of its L-series and tablets announcements. Like Samsung and HTC, LG is also rumoured to come with a new wearable device.


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