Tips Tricks:How To Charge Your Android Smartphone Battery Faster

From last few years we have seen a lot of new smartphones, specially last 2 years. With time the smartphones getting bigger and the processor getting smaller but one problem still remains that none of our phones charge as quickly as we’d like. And companies shows no sign of fixing this problem. There are couple of things which you can do and seek little more power in short-period of time. 

How To Charge Your Android Smartphone Battery Faster ©

First and the foremost thing is to make sure that you plug your device into the wall socket properly. In the best case scenario, only use that charger which came up with your device. For rapid charging we used to plug our phone into computer or laptop, try to avoid this as it will surely gonna slower down the charging speed.  

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Second method to speed up the charging is by enabling the airplane mode . It’s basically a mode which disables all the wireless transmission functions including: Wi-fi, radio and Bluetooth. This mode will turn of all the battery-draining radios. Turning on the airplane mode and then charging your phone would increase your phone’s charging speed by 50%. The only drawback of Airplane mode is that you won’t be able to make or receive calls as all the radios are off.

The third method is by switching off the unnecessary features. Close all the running apps, automatic backups and updates. This will not contribute much but when we are in a rush even single unit means a lot. 
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