How To Retrieve An Bricked Nokia Lumia Handset?

Is your Nokia Lumia handset got bricked or is not turning on? The word ‘bricked’ simply means that your phone is not turning on in any way. Well there are two approaches through which you can retrieve: either by sending it back for repair or by trying it yourself (DIY approach).

You can retrieve it by using desktop application dubbed as Nokia Recovery Software Tool. And this software is only for Nokia Lumia Handsets and it will not work with any Android or iOS handset. Here’s how to use this software.


  • Bricked Nokia Lumia Handset
  • Nokia Recovery Software Tool
To download this recovery tool you just need a PC running Windows 7 or newer, 2GB of free space and USB cable to connect your phone to your PC. 

Download the software from below links:

How To Retrieve An Bricked Nokia Lumia Handset Using Nokia Recovery Software Tool?

Step-1: Download the Nokia Recovery Software Tool and open it . 

Step-2: Install it.

Step-3: Open the Software Recovery Tool.

Step-4: Connect your Lumia handset to PC via USB cable.
Step-5: Now you’ll see which software version want to install- install that.
Step-6: The latest version of your phone will be installed, and your phone will restored back to the factory settings.
Step-7: Meanwhile try not to use your phone or disconnect the cable. Just sit back and let it do its work.
Step-8: Hurraayyyy!!!You have done it! Great Job! You have saved your Nokia Lumia!
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