PlayOn Adds Support for Chromecast, Bringing 100+ Channels

PlayOn the popular media server from MediaMall announced that their PlayOn and PlayLater services now support for Google Chromecast. Its really a good news for PlayOn customers as now they will be able to stream over 100 channels including: NBC, ABC, Comedy Central, Hulu and many more.

You don't have to do much to use PlayOn with Chromecast, you just need to download PlayOn to a PC and install the app on a mobile device. This media server is available in annual ($29.99/year) and lifetime ($59.99) subscriptions.

Press Release

PlayOn Adds Support for Chromecast, Bringing 100+ Channels, DVR Capability and and a Uniform Mobile Interface to Browse Channels and Content to Chromecast Users
PlayOn Browser Expands PC Browser-To-TV Casting Capabilities
Seattle, WA – April 24, 2014 – PlayOn, the media server software from MediaMall Technologies that streams online videos to TVs and mobile devices, today announced the availability of PlayOn and PlayLater for Chromecast. PlayOn's support for Chromecast will instantly bring online content from more than 100 channels to Chromecast users including content from CBS, NBC, ABC, Comedy Central and Hulu (no Hulu Plus subscription needed). Additionally, the software's mobile apps give users a way to browse channels and offers a uniform guide-like interface which is sorely missing from the Chromecast user experience. PlayOn's PlayLater product can give Chromecast users DVR capability to record videos for casting later when they are no longer available online. The PlayOn Browser feature gives Chromecast users the ability to cast almost any full screen video from any browser on their PC to their TV without including any distracting web browser frames.

In a recent survey of Chromecast users, 65 percent said that the top three features they wanted were: 1) more channels, 2) DVR capability, and 3) an easy way to browse channels and shows on their TV. PlayOn's bundled software package gives users all of these desired features plus the ability to cast full screen from your PC browser to your TV, eliminating the browser frame and allowing you to simultaneously use your PC for other functions.

"Chromecast is a great, inexpensive device for cord cutters but is somewhat limited in its content and casting capabilities," said Jeff Lawrence, CEO, MediaMall Technologies. "PlayOn gives Chromecast users a universal interface for TV-watching and vastly expands the list of available channels, and with very little fuss, it also brings a full-screen cross-browser web casting experience that users can't get with the Chromecast alone."

To use PlayOn with Chromecast, users will need to download PlayOn to a PC and get the PlayOn app on their mobile device. Then, they can use their mobile device as a TV channel guide and remote control to browse and search for movies, shows, and clips.

The PlayOn Browser extension acts as an enhanced, high-quality browser-casting solution for Chromecast, as well as Roku, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. PlayOn Browser has a lower CPU requirement, uses less power, and optimizes for quality, reducing play lag and jittery streaming when compared to Chromecast's native tab projection feature. When casting online video from a PC browser to a TV, PlayOn Browser eliminates the browser frame and gives viewers a full-screen video experience while freeing up the PC screen for other uses. While Chromecast only supports tab projection from Chrome, PlayOn users can cast videos from the browser of their choice, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera.

PlayOn is available in annual ($29.99/year) and lifetime ($59.99) subscriptions and can also be bundled with the company's PlayLater recording software. For more information on PlayOn for Chromecast visit:

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