Nvidia Reveals Next-Gen Pascal GPU

Couple of days back during GTC Keynote Presentation, Jen-Huang Nvidia’s CEO revealed the launch of their next-gen GPU dubbed as ‘Pascal’.

This next-gen ‘Pascal’ processor platform has been named after 17th century French mathematician Blaise Pascal and will be equipped with 3 new features including: stacked DRAM, unified memory, and NVLink.

“One of the benefits of parallel computing is to be able to take all these GPUs and put them in parallel, and treat them like one big massive GPU. If we’d only have the bandwidth to communicate from GPU to GPU,” Huang said this during the GTC Keynote Presentation. “NVLink allows us to do just that.”

Nvidia is expected to launch their new ‘Pascal’ GPU in 2016. For more details head over to Nvidia online website.



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