Best Photo Editing Apps For Android, iOS And Windows Phone

Today, almost all of us have a smartphone with a decent camera. Now it doesn’t matter whether you have high-ended or low-ended smartphone as camera even of your average smartphone now has the ability to take really inspiring shots and for that you don’t need to be an expert.

A good camera in a smartphone is one of the biggest thing all the consumers look for and now instead of carrying a digital camera we used to rely on smartphone to capture an unexpected moment. 
Now almost all the smartphones have fantastic camera’s but to truly get the best experience you’ll have to grab a few photography apps. There are lots of quality photo-sharing and editing applications available in the app stores, through which you can edit your photos the way you want and even can share them with your friends. 
App store has number of photo editing apps, its really hard to choose which one is best so we rounded up the best apps for you.  Here’s the list of Best Photo Editing Apps For Android, iOS And Windows Phone:

For Android:


Snapseed is the best photo editing app available around. The app will give you a high-quality photo experience at your fingertips. Snapseed features includes: Auto Correct, Selective Adjust, Tune Image, Staighten & Rotate, Crop, Vintage Films, Center-Focus and more. The app supports for number of languages including: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), and Arabic. The app is available for free in play store, head over to below download link and grab the app.

Pro HDR Camera

Pro HDR Camera is the first real HDR app for Android which automatically creates stunning HDR images. To produce full resolution HDR images, the app simply extends the dynamic range of smartphone camera. Its said that the app works properly on phones of Motorola, Samsung and HTC. So what your are waiting for? Head over to below download link and grab the app.


Use Flickr’s custom filters and powerful editing tools to create and share stunning photos from your phone. The app features: 100% free custom filters and frames, easy to use editing tools, instant sharing, endless uploads at full resolution and more. The app is available for free on Play Store.

Adobe Photoshop Express

The app is available for free in Google Play Store. The app let the users to carry out the basic edits including: cropping, rotating, adjusting color, adding artistic effects and many more. But this app does not offers much features that other android apps offer.

For iOS:


Camera+ was first debuted in 2010 and since then the app has been one of the most popular camera app for iOS. The app features includes: Touch Exposure & Focus, Shooting Modes, Digital Zoom, Clarity, Scene Modes and many more. The app is available for $1.99 on Apple’s app store.


The app is available for free on Apple’s App Store. VSCO Cam is the premier way to shoot, edit and share your photos. The app is integrated with number of features including: VSCO Grid, Superior Presets, Efficient Editing, Share and more. So what you are waiting for? Head over to below download link and grab this app.


Adobe Photoshop Touch

We think the name is sufficient for introducing this app from Adobe. The app is integrated with popular features of Photoshop including: layers, selection tools, adjustments, and filters to create mind-blowing images. To have this app you have to shell out around $11.00 from your pocket. 

Photo Editor By Aviary

Aviary is simple and quick way of editing photos as it can easily create beautiful pics in seconds. The app uses the professionally designed frames, creative stickers, filters and more to create cool pics. Aviary is integrated with over 100 free and purchasable filters, stunning stickers and frames. The app is available for free in Apple’s App Store.

For Windows Phone:


As the name suggests, the app will let you memorialize special events, life moments in your life captured by the camera. The app will let you to add stickers, frames and effects to your photos. Momento is available for free in Windows Phone Store, head over to below download link and grab this app.

Creative Camera

Creative Camera offers healthy amount of controls and a built-in photo editor. All the settings are lined up in the right and bottom side of camera viewfinder. Control includes: White Balance, ISO, Shutter Speed, Scenes, Focus, Exposure Compensation, Aspect Ratio and more settings. The app is available for $1.49 on Windows Phone Store. 

Fancy Cam

Fancy Cam is lighthearted photo-editing app which will let you edit your pic with a collection of cliparts. The app is currently available for free in Windows Phone Store. So what you are waiting for? Head over to below download link provided and grab this app.

Measure Note

Its really a unique and interesting app. The app will not edit or improve the quality of the pic or add something to your pic. As the name implies the app will simply add measurements and notes to your photos which will make reference and sharing easier. You can first use the trial version but all functions will not work on it but you’ll get an idea of app. The full version of app is available for $2.49.

There are many more photo-editing apps available in app Store. Tell us your favourite apps via comments below so that we can also write them in our list.


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