Apple iPhone Sales Reach 500 Million Mark

According to latest report from the below source Apple had sold its 500 millionth iPhone. Its simply great as company just took 7 years to reach 500 million mark.

Back in 2007, Apple unveiled its first iPhone and after 4 years company reach the 100 million mark. It took a while to reach the first 100 million but for the next 100 million it just took one year. As the time passes these digits enhanced at an incredible speed. The 300 millionth iPhone was sold before the end of the year 2012.

According to latest report from Apple, before the end of the first quarter of the 2014 they had sold around 472 million iPhones. And in last week the 500 millionth iPhone went out. Its expected that by the end of this year, iPhone sales might reach the 600 million mark.
Below is the chart of iPhone’s outstanding growth over the past few years. 

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