Tips To Get Most Out Of Your Smartphone Battery

Android Battery Life

From last couples of years we have seen a lot of new smartphones, specially the last year 2013 which is also named as the years of smartphones. With time the smartphones getting bigger and the processor getting smaller but no change in battery has been seen yet, still the companies are using the Li-Ion battery.

Long battery life is the first desire of every smartphone buyer. Also specs and apps matter, but the battery is the juice of every smartphone. Many companies are working on enhancing smartphone battery life. Here are some tips to get most out of your smartphone battery.

Brightness: Firstly reduce the brightness of your smartphone, as the brighter the screen the more rapidly you will loose battery. To increase or decrease brightness click Settings > Sound & Display > Brightness and adjust the brightness according to your need. There’s also an power saver mode which will automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the surroundings.

Close Unnecessary Apps: Multitasking is the best feature of smartphones and is also a reason why our device battery gets drained away quickly. Normally the users used to open app after app but they don’t close them or forgets to close them and the result of it is that in no time the battery of  their smartphone gets down. So, try to kill apps which you are not using or you can take help of apps which will kill or stop your unused running apps. Advanced Task Killer is one of the most famous and valuable app which will kill the running applications.

Turning Off Processor’s Cores: No we have dual and quad-core processors in the market which delivers huge processing power but the thing is that they drained all the juice of smartphone. But you can turn off cores according to your need to save battery. A developer eugene373 over at XDA has developed a new app which will turn off cores of your device. Download the apk file of that app from here.

Additional Tips

  • Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G when not in use
  • Turn off vibrations
  • You can also root your device
  • Download battery saving apps

That’s all people, feel free to tell us if you got more tips to save smartphone battery life.

Source                                                                                   Image Courtsey: Jasmeet Singh


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