How To Use Google Maps Offline


Google Map is the finest application for those who love travelling, going to different and unfamiliar places. Through this app you can easily locate your current location and can easily scope out the best route to go to the place which you are looking for. Now almost everyone of us used to rely on this application to find the location.

But what will you do if you don’t have internet connection or there is no W-Fi reception near you  or some network problem. In these cases Google Maps will become impractical to use. So what you will do? 
There are few techniques or we can say that few ways through which we can Use Google Maps Offline. For that you don’t have to install or download any software or application, it can be easily accessed by Google Maps hidden features. 
Search for location which you want to save for offline browsing, click the search bar and type “Ok Maps” and then press enter. It will be saved directly to your device and you can easily access the location any time even when don’t have internet connection. This technique works for both Android and iOS platforms.

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