Google Announced The Project Ara Developer’s Conference


From the last year Google has been working on the Project Ara.  Its basically an effort to create customisable hardware for smartphones where consumers can pick and choose what kind of capabilities they want and “build” their own devices with modular, replaceable components. This project has been started at the time when Motorola was acquired by the Google.

Now Google has slated that the first Ara Developer’s Conference would held on April 15-16. The conference would held be at Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. And the users who cannot attend the conference can watch it online as the live stream would also be fetched.

The giant search engine said that they had planned a series of three Ara Developer’s Conference throughout 2014, the first one would held in April. Google said that they would be focusing on the alpha release of the Ara Module Developers’ Kit (MDK). 
If you want to participate the conference, then head over to the below source and register now! 


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