Report:Google Acquires Bitspin, Creator Of Android Alarm Clock App Timely


Timely as we all know a very popular and beautiful alarm clock app is now joining Google. Its features includes: stunning user experience and revolutionary cloud integration to backup and synchronize your alarms with.

As per the latest reports suggests Google has acquired Bitspin, the creator/moderator of beautiful Android Alarm Clock App Timely. But this doesn’t mean that Timely is turning down for the existing and upcoming new users, “For new and existing users, Timely will continue to work as it always has” Bitspin said this on a blog post.

“We’re thrilled to announce that Bitspin is joining Google, where we’ll continue to do what we love: building great products that are delightful to use “– said The Bitspin Team.

Now it all depends on Google whether it shut downs this beautiful alarm clock app or not. 


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