Report: Facebook Will Eventually Die Out By 2017

Facebook is currently the most popular social networking website, but as per the latest report suggests it will eventually die out in coming years. "Facebook has spread like an infectious disease but we are slowly becoming immune to its attractions, and the platform will be largely abandoned by 2017"-said researchers over at Princeton University (PDF).

Facebook will be of 10 this February, has survived longer than Myspace, Bebo and many more. Facebook will eventually loose its 80% of users in coming 3 years Princeton predicts this. According to the stats created by the Google Trends Facebook searches peaked in December 2012 and after that its gradually falling.
"Ideas, like diseases, have been shown to spread infectiously between people before eventually dying out, and have been successfully described with epidemiological models," the authors claim in a paper entitled Epidemiological modelling of online social network dynamics.

"Ideas are spread through communicative contact between different people who share ideas with each other. Idea manifesters ultimately lose interest with the idea and no longer manifest the idea, which can be thought of as the gain of 'immunity' to the idea."
Despite all this shareholders seems to be untroubled as Facebook's share reached highest this month. Now the Mark Zuckerberg's company is valued at $142 billion.

Benny Singh
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