Point And Shoot VS DSLR Digital Camera


Whenever we go to buy a new camera we used to get confuse, we don’t know which one to buy, either to go for a Point and Shoot camera or a DSLR digital camera. In this post we will compare both the camera’s which will help you to choose which one is best for you. Before buying a camera you must know for what purpose you are looking for a camera, as if you want a camera for professional photography then you should go for DSLR and if you are a casual shooter then Point and Shoot will be the right choice. If you don’t know what to see in camera before buying then see our camera buying guide.

Here’s the full comparison between both the digital camera’s:

Image Quality

Let me clear first, the quality of image doesn’t depend on megapixel we recommend you to never go for megapixel, as megapixels are not everything. Must remember you can even shoot a good pic from a low megapixel camera and a bad pic from a camera having high megapixels. Image quality always depend of the size of sensors, so always consider sensor size for buying a camera.

Point and Shoot digital camera normally powers small image sensors, the quality of images shoot by these camera’s are not so good. But you can use them for casual purposes, its quality is more than enough for the users who are looking a low budget camera for normal uses. It also doesn’t work well in dark light conditions.

In comparison to this, DSLR digital camera shoots a high quality images and powers a large size of image sensors. DSLR camera’s are used for professional photography purposes, as if you are a young photographer and looking for a digital camera than DSLR will be the right choice. And DSLR camera’s works well in dark light conditions.

Weight & Size

Point and Shoot digital camera’s are normally small in size, its really easy to carry them as they easily slides into the pocket and you can carry them anywhere. This is the key point of Point and Size camera as most of the users buy it because of its small size and are very light in weight.

In comparison to this, DSLR digital camera’s are larger in size and its not easy to carry as you have to extra bags to carry them. Because of their large size we can’t carry them everywhere and moreover they are much heavier in weight as compared to Point and Size camera’s.


Speed is also a factor that you might be looking in your camera. If we talk about the speed of Point and Shoot camera’s, they provide a genuine speed but some camera’s take a little bit time to focus. 

DSLR digital camera’s have must faster speed in comparison to that of Point and Shoot camera’s. DSLRs can acquire focus very quickly and can easily take multiple shots per second.

ISO Range

ISO range basically measures the sensitivity of a digital camera sensor to the light. Camera’s with a larger ISO range will work better in lower light conditions and a camera with a smaller ISO range will not work better. Shoot and Point digital camera’s have smaller ISO range that’s why they do not work well in different light conditions. 
In comparison to this, DSLR digital camera’s have larger ISO range and can work well in different light conditions. If you are looking for a camera which can work well in all the light conditions, then DSLT digital camera will be the right choice as they comes with larger ISO range. 


No extra lens is required in Shoot and Point camera’s as they come with a fixed lens. You don’t have to change the lens to shoot in different modes, the single lens works in all the modes. 
And in DSLR camera’s there are many kinds of lens as it has the ability to use different kind of lens. You can change the lens according to the mode but you have to buy the lenses.


Now coming to the price details of both the digital camera’s. Point and Shoot camera’s are easily affordable as there cost is not so high. In this type lens is fixed so you don’t have to buy any other accessory. 

In comparison to this, DSLR digital camera’s are very expansive this is the main reason why most of people prefer Shoot and Point camera’s. If you buy a DSLR camera firstly its cost is high and after that you have to cash out its lenses and other accessories. Its simply clear if you want to buy a DSLR digital camera than you must have a deep pocket. 

Why to consider Point and Shoot digital camera?

  • Small in size and light in weight
  • Cost is low
  • Fixed lens don’t need to change lens
  • Easy to carry
Why to consider DSLR digital camera?

  • High image quality
  • Work well in dark-light conditions
  • Focus speed is fast
  • Ability to use different lenses


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