How To Buy A Good Digital Camera?


Whenever we go to a camera shop to buy a good digital camera, we face problems. We get confused, we don’t know which one to buy, which one is good at our budget and many other problems encircles us. Normally we think the camera with a high mega pixels is a good camera but that’s not true, as we can even shoot a good pic from a low mega pixel digital camera. It just depend on you how you use it, how much knowledge and experience you have for shooting.

In this post we gonna teach you How To Buy A Good Digital Camera? There are some factors which you must consider before buying a camera including aperture, range of optical zoom, resolution and sharpness etc. These factors will help you to buy a good  digital camera even at low budget.

How To Buy A Good Digital Camera?

1.What are you looking for in a camera

Before buying a camera you must know what you are looking for in a camera or for what purpose you need a camera, whats your budget and what features are you looking for. If you do not consider all these things before buying a camera you’ll surely face problems. Before going to camera shop make a list of features you need in your camera. Think twice while choosing a camera, check whether the camera you choose contains all that features that you are looking for.

2. Don’t go for megapixels

Normally when we go to buy a smartphone or a camera first thing we consider is how much megapixels does it powers. Megapixels are not everything, must remember you can even shoot a good pic from a low megapixel camera and a bad pic from a camera having high megapixels. So what to consider? Instead of  going to camera megapixels go for size of sensors.
Now you must be thinking why is this so, why is camera sensor size is important? Size of camera sensor basically ascertains how much light it uses to create an image. Camera image sensor is a device that converts an light into an electronic signal. There are 2 kinds of sensors used in camera’s – either CCD (charged-coupled device) or CMOS ( a complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor).

3. Which one to choose Point and Shoot or DSLR?

This is a another problem that most of the people faced, they don’t know which camera to buy a Point and Shoot camera or a DSLR camera. Point and shoot camera’s are light in weight and are easy to carry, you can carry them anywhere and are easy to use. And in comparison to this DSLR camera’s are quite complex to use and its difficult to carry them everywhere as they are large in weight and size.Point and shoot camera’s have fixed lens, you don’t have to change the lens unlike the DSLR camera’s in which we don’t have fixed lens or for take different kinds of pics we have to change the lens. When its comes to image quality, Point and Shoot camera’s can’t compare DSLR camera’s as they shoots an high quality image.

DSLR camera’s work much better in dark light conditions than Point and Shoot camera’s. But if we talk about pricing, then we can say that Point and shoot camera’s are much affordable as the cost of DSLR camera’s are high.

4. Range Of Optical Zoom

We have two types of camera zoom- one is digital zoom and the other is optical zoom. Digital zoom just enlarges the size of image but as the size increases the quality of image get reduced to the original one. While the optical zoom takes the close shot of an object, as it does not enlarges the image, so the quality of image does not reduce the quality and resolutions of the image.

 Digital camera zoom are used to get the closer view of far objects and optical camera zoom are used to get a close shot of an object. Which one you will consider? We highly recommend you to consider optical zoom rather than going for digital zoom.


Its also an important factor that you consider before choosing a camera, as digital camera’s uses a lot of battery power. Remember to choose that camera which have better battery life and which last for a long period.

Before going to buy a camera must have an online view of all kinds of camera’s, go through their reviews and then go to buy camera. Feel free to add your suggestion on how to buy a good digital camera in comments below!



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