Microsoft Next CEO May Be India-born Satya Nadella


Microsoft next CEO may be India-born Satya Nadella as he is among the top two candidates whose names are being considered as the next CEO of world’s biggest software company. It means time to retire for Steve Ballmer has come who is currently the CEO of Microsoft.

This new came from the Wall Street Journal’s ‘All Things D’ blog, which said that Ford CEO Alan Mulally and Nadella are in the lead positions to take over as CEO of Microsoft. Its reported that “The top pick among the possible heirs inside for that princeling role: Enterprise chief Satya Nadella”.

Former Nokia Oyj CEO Stephen Elop and Microsoft executive Tony Bates are also see in the arena. Anything can happen this time as its about the job of CEO of Microsoft not a small thing. 

“The board had met on November 18 over the issue of finding a replacement for Ballmer,” Microsoft chairman and co-founder Bill Gates said at a shareholder meeting last week.

Gates also said he and other directors have met with “a lot of CEO candidates” adding that “it’s a complex role to fill.


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