Inkjet Vs Laser Printers:Printer Buying Guide


When we go to market to buy a printer, we will have two choices either to buy an Inkjet printer or a laser printer. Both are available at affordable prices, but now the question arises which one you should buy?

Ink-Jerk Printer

Ink-jerk printer basically uses the nozzle concept for supporting ink to print on paper. Its famous for graphic printing. The printer gives high quality output, is portable and make less noise. The printered output from ink-jerk printers need some time to dry the content.

Laser Printer

It uses a laser beam for printing the characters. These printers occupies less space, portabe. Both black and colored printings are available or possible by using Tonor but the colored laser printing is very costly. These are fast printers and gives high quality output.

Initial Cost

Cheapest inkjet printer is available at $70 and laser printer is available at $100.
Running Cost

Basically, the running cost of an inkjet printer depends on some factors including size of paper, quantity of ink used while printing,etc. It is generally measured in cents per page. To find the running cost of a printer just divide the no. of printed pages by the cost of cartridge.

Quality Printing
When it comes to quality, then we have to say that inkjet printers are ahead of the Laser printers. Inkjet printers produce more quality of prints than the laser printers.

Speed of Printing

Laser printers print as fast as they can print up to 11-12 pages per minute whereas inkjet printers can only print 40-300 words per second.


Ink-jerk printers are more accurate than laser printers, both the printers are easily affordable. But if you are buying for bulk printing then we recommend you to choose Laser Printer and if you are buying the printer for the home use or some research purposes at home then choose inkjet printer.


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