How To Take Better Smartphone Photos


Today, almost all of us have a smartphone with a decent camera. Now it doesn’t matter whether you have high-ended or low-ended smartphone as camera even of your average smartphone now has the ability to take really inspiring shots and for that you don’t need to be an expert.

A good camera in a smartphone is one of the biggest thing all the consumers look for and now instead of carrying a digital camera we used to rely on smartphone to capture an unexpected moment.

But now question arises how to have to take better smartphone photos? Below are some tips that will help you to take great pics from a smartphone:

Keep your lens clean

The first and most important thing to have better smartphone photos is that you must clean the camera lens of your smartphone. If you will not clean the camera lens of your smartphone than Image quality will go on decreasing and you will lose the real elegance of your smartphone’s camera.

There are many methods via which you can clean camera lens of your smartphone as you can use a blower brush to remove dust and dirt, in case you don’t have a blower you can also use an ear syringe. A microfiber cloth or a lens cloth can also be used to clean the camera lens of a smartphone.

But don’t make it as a habit just do it once in a while, it’s worth the effort to break out the lens cleaning solution and really get the grime off of it.

Watch the lens flare

Lens Flare ©

Lens flare is basically the light scattered in lens systems through generally unwanted image formation mechanisms, such as internal reflection and scattering from material inhomogeneities in the lens. A lens flare is typically artificial light, or sunlight, that is reflected in the optics, you know the lens attached to your camera…

Adding lens flare is another trend, used mostly by low end smartphone owners. You want to control lens flare while taking a shot for that just move the sun or whatever bright light source is causing the refraction-based mayhem around in the frame. You can also make a DIY lens hood and for that you just have to cup your hand around the lens

Better camera app

As we all know there are lot of camera apps available for both Android and iOS users which will help you to selectively focus areas in your image, control exposure, color balance, and many more things. There are lot of camera apps available including: Instagram, Snapseed, Camera+, Fhotoroom, Pixlr Express and many more. 


In most of the smartphones the basic exposure controls does not give the much options to you and if you want your camera to exposure the image the way you want, you have to follow some tricks. 
As you can see in the above pic, it has shown simply that how you can expose for different areas of the image. Exposure can do a lot to make your pic look good. 

Hold the phone correctly

This is the main thing you should know while shooting a pic or a video. Where ever we go our phone is with us so we can’t miss that primo shot again. So you have to hold your phone in such a way that when u take a pic your hands does not move or shake, as it will effect the pic and will blur it.
Try to keep the sound of camera off, as it effects the user who is taking the pic. You can also use the way as shown in above pic. 

Hope the above mentioned tips give you some ideas. If you’ve got additional questions on taking better photos with your smartphone, or want to add to the conversation, please tell us via comments below.


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