Tips For Staying Safe And Secure On The Web


Internet as we all know is a global network which connects millions of computers, and help us to create, explore and collaborate many things. But its essential to keep yourself safe and secure, below are some tips for staying safe and secure on the web:


The main thing to be stay safe and secure in the web is password, the password of your mail or ID must be strong. You must use a unique and different password for each of your accounts like : email and online banking. 

To be secure use a long password which contains numbers, lower and upper case alphabets and symbols. And main thing never use same password for 2 accounts and try to change your passwords regularly.

Use of Anti-Virus

Use of trusted Anti-Virus and keeping it up-to-date can protect you from various threats. For the proper working of Anti-Virus its updates should be downloaded regularly over the Internet. 

It will keep you safe from many threats say malware, trojans, spyware or adware. These can easily harm your privacy and your money, so be careful about these kinds of threats.

Sign-Up for 2nd Step Verification

If you have any Google account then you must sign up for 2nd-step verification, it will increase the security of your account. For those who don’t know how to sign-up for Google’s 2-step verification, follow the below steps:

Step-1: Firstly sign up with your Google account and go to account > security.
Step- 2: Edit the 2-step verification there, then a signing in with 2-step verification page will open you just have to click on start setup there.
Step-3: Its the last step in which you just have to add your phone no. and a 6 number code will send to your phone. Then you just have to add that code and verify it, now you’re all done with the Sign-Up for 2nd Step Verification.

Use a trusted online shopping sites

As we all know online shopping has grown very quickly, and many people now prefer online shopping instead of going to a shop and buy something. But before buying anything must see whether its a secure server or not.

Secure server webpage starts from https instead of http, if you buy from untrusted server than the hackers may hack your bank account with the details you fill while buying anything. So, beware while shopping  online, must buy from a trusted shopping site.

Be good on web

It simply means that you must be a good online citizen, as you can do many things for that say: you can help the authorities fight cyber crime by reporting stolen finances or identities and other cybercrime to the Internet Crime Complaint Center ( and you can also contact to your local law enforcement or state attorney general as appropriate.


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