Samsung Launches ISOCELL Camera Sensor


Samsung has just laucnghes its new imaging sensor dubbed as ISOCELL and is quoted as “new advanced pixel technology”. ISOCELL will increase the image quality and enhance the user experience of premium smartphones and tablets that integrate sensors with this exciting new technology. According to Samsung, it was the ever increasing “market pressure” that lead them to develop ISOCELL, so they finally shrinked the pixel size.

This new imaging sensor will substantially increased light sensitivity. Samsung says that ISOCELL technology is yet another innovation that significantly raises the bar in image quality, and demonstrates Samsung’s technology leadership in image sensors for mobile devices

The quality of a camera’s image sensor is identified by the amount of light captured by the individual pixels within the sensor array. Demands of the buyers are higher-quality cameras and image quality, and Isocell technology is the result of shrinking pixels to improve image quality without increasing camera size.


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