How To Clean Camera Lens Of A Smartphone


Whenever we go to buy a new phone, we always go for its camera quality rather than looking for it features and specs. All the new smartphones are coming with high resolution cameras, truly its a need of an hour. Having good quality camera smartphone helps you a lot, as with high resolution camera you can snap high quality pics , can snap pictures of special memories, making official documents, and may other works, etc. But to have good pictures, you have to take care of your phone’s camera also. 

 The most important part to have the good quality of pic is camera which provides you the better quality of pic. If you don’t take care of your phone’s camera it may becomes dirty and will generate dull and blurred images. Image quality will go on decreasing and to get back your Smartphone camera’s elegance just follow our how to clean camera lens of a smartphone steps:

Step-1: Use a blower brush to remove dust and dirt, in case you don’t have a blower you can also use an ear syringe. Never blow on the lens with your mouth, as it increases the risk of accidentally spraying the lens with saliva.
Step-2: The basic thing to clean the lens is that take a microfiber cloth or a lens cloth and clean the lens using the clothes. In case, if it doesn’t work put a drop of lens cleaner on the cloth and try again.
Step-3: If you wanna clean dirt inside just remove the back cover of your phone an put on small amount of alcohol-based liquid lens cleaner and a Q-Tip cotton swab to clean lens from inside the back cover. Its a bit risky.
 At the last I’ll just say clean your lens as seldom as possible. Must share your experience after cleaning your phone’s camera lens via your comments.


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