BADLAND On Its Way To Android And Blackerry 10


“BADLAND” the famous game of iOS is finally coming to Android and BlackBerry 10. The game was unveiled just a week back, and will be soon releasing on both of these platforms. The game is a winner of 2013 Apple Design Award, which simply shows the popularity of the game on iOS platform.

It’s a pretty nice game, which gives users a highly immersive audio-visual gaming experience. It’s a single player game which comes up with a 60 truly unique levels, the game sounds simple but truly it isn’t.

This one-touch platform game will put you in control of a small black blob, and you just have to keep that blob moving by tapping or holding your finger on the screen. Below is the video of the game that uploaded on YouTube:

For BlackBerry 10:

For Android:

This time we don’t have much information about topic, but stay tuned as we will be covering all the updates of the game.


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